RetroKit Newsletter no 8

This is the last newsletter from the RetroKit Project! The project is now concluded but the partners activities will continue, exploiting the results obtained so far within the project.

Stay in touch with us visiting periodically the project website to have access to the partners record and see through their respective websites the last developments.


  • The RetroKit Decision Support System will  soon be activated on a dedicated page.
  • The public final report will be also uploaded in the dedicated session.

Best regards,

the RetroKit team


RetroKit Design Support System
The RetroKit Decision Support System (DSS) is an ICT tool, based on the RetroKit Toolbox and Design Support Tool. The decision support tool is a web application that will guide the user through a wizard to define the information of the actual status of a building (climate zone, dimension, walls, windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, etc.). 

RetroKit webinar 
See the presentations from the RetroKit webinar! Among others Fraunhofer talks about innovative prefab solutions for apartment buildings that were developed in Retrokit.

Students Project Book
Now you can read about all the architect students projects in the book "RetroKit Design Project for Architecture Students". 

RetroKit at Indoor Air 2016
In July, the RetroKit project were presented in a dedicated session on retrofitting existing buildings and the effects on indoor environmental quality, in the presentation entitled:  “RETROKIT- retrofitting residential multi-family buildings – Evaluation of effects on indoor environmental quality”