Programme for the Theme Day devoted to exciting developments in glass

4th May
09.00-11.00  Opportunity to book times for individual discussions with Glafo’s scientists.
11.30  Arrival and registration
12.00  Lunch
13.00  Presentations from Glafo, the VINNVÄXT programme, Smart Housing Småland and invited speakers.

  • Welcome, presentations of speakers, and what has happened since we last met? - Marianne Grauers, MD Glafo 
  • Glass dumps – from What a Waste! to a resource - Christina Stålhandske, Glafo 
  • Choose the right glass for healthy plants and the saving of money and the environment - Stefan Karlsson Glafo 
  • From a mystery to glass-clear: forgeries, clues and damage - Peter Sundberg, Glafo 
  • High-strength glass in buildings – results from an EU project and future plans - Jerry Eriksson, Glafo 
  • Status objects, advanced adhesives and crash simulation – a few strikes in the automotive World - Christina Stålhandske, Glafo 
  • Transparent intelligence  in Sweden and World Wide - Maria Lang, Glafo
  • Glass for solar cells – stronger, thinner, higher efficiency - Stefan Karlsson Glafo   
  • Residential Prototype no. 1.0 - Mikael Ludvigsson, Glafo 
  • Display of visionary and close-to-production prototypes - Jerry Eriksson, Glafo  
  • The Compass – A golden bastard. On cooperation between Skandinaviska Glassystem and Målerås Glassworks - Erik Stening, Skandinaviska Glassystem

17.00   A guided tour of Glafo, with a quiz.
19.00   Welcoming drink.
19.15   Dinner and awards presentation.

5th May
8.30-12.00  Take the opportunity to book time for individual discussions with Glafo’s scientists.
09.00   Visit to Residential Prototype no. 1.0.