Construction almost finished in Oulu, Finland 

Demo leader Oulu: Simon le Roux
+358 415369123




NCC Construction is currently on site in Oulu with a retrofit using prefabricated timber facade for a student apartment building owned by PSOAS Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland. The retrofit is expected to take 6 months and be finished in February 2013. The building has 8 apartments, and was originally built in 1984. The retrofit is bringing this building up to and above current new build standards. M3 Architects have designed a comprehensive refurbishment targeted for student family tenants, and a fresh new image for the housing which will be applied to 5 identical buildings around a shared yard.

The retrofit aims to reduce the occupied building’s energy use to 30kWh/m2/y for heating, ventilation and hot water with innovative and sustainable renovation solutions. These solutions focus on industrialised manufacturing methods for facade elements and standardised retrofit measures with high replication potential.

The exterior of the building will have a well insulated outer wall assembled from large scale prefabricated timber frame elements, and a new roof and balconies to shade to the south facade, and reduce the risk of summer overheating. The insulation level and airtightness targets are set to the Finnish passive house norm. A total of 2000m2 large scale TES  prefabricated timber frame elements have been assembled onsite, with the largest element 11 x 2,7m weighing 2000kg.

Residents will have completely new apartments, and the addition of saunas. Building services have been entirely replaced. High efficiency rotating heat recovery ventilation units will be installed in each apartment. Building automation will track energy performance, indoor air quality, and monitor the building physics.

The challenge of this project will to meet air tightness targets when sealing the existing concrete shell and the new roof and windows. The target places a large responsibility on the quality of site work. The weatherproof installation of the windows requires careful detailing and handwork.

PSOAS, NCC and the Aalto University’s Department of Architecture Chair of Wood Construction are partners in this project.

TES EnergyFaçade is a prefabricated building system of large scale timber frame elements that introduces the benefits of modern timber construction to the modernisation of existing buildings.

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The Oulu demo under construction.

How it will look when it is finished.

The student apartment builing before construction.