How do we create sustainable loops for plastics and textiles that enable us to
achieve environmental objectives as well as supply secondary raw materials
demanded by the manufacturing industry?

The challenges we face are substantial but at hand there are also great ideas and
solutions of 
how we can tackle these. Looking at the possibilities is something that
characterizes these seminar days.

Come along and let yourself be inspired by the many things brought up and discussed.
Following the two previous years successful thematic days on plastics recycling,
the event is now extended with a second day devoted to recycling of textiles. 

Day 1, nov 17- Plastics 
8.30     Registration
10.00 Welcome
Session 1 Today’s situation and strategies towards circular use of plastics
Session 2 Strategies and recycling in business
Session 3 Implementation of applied research
Session 4 Resource efficient recycling and environmental issues
17.00 End of seminar – Welcome to the dinner Buffet






Day 2, nov 18 - Textiles 
8.30   Registration 
10.00  Welcome
Session 1  Today´s situation in regard to collection and recycling
Session 2  Sustainability and recycling in business
Session 3  Wider outlook – large enterprises and organisations
16.45  End of seminar





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